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Male sharp-tailed grouse.
Photo courtesy of Steve Foss Images.
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News and Events

What's new?

New MSGS pamphlet available, check it out HERE!

Past Sharptailer Magazines now viewable/downloadable on the
Resources page!

Upcoming Events

Prairie Chicken Hunt Application Deadline - Aug. 19

harp-Tailed, Spruce, and Ruffed Grouse Opener - Sept. 17

Savanna & Brushlands Landowner Workshop at St. Croix State
Park - Sept. 24 (contact jodie.provost@state.mn.us for details)

Prairie Chicken Season Opener - Sept. 24

Take-a-Kid Hunting Weekend - Sept. 24-25


MSGS is 30! We're working on several things to celebrate 30
years in existence. Special hats will be available, and special
celebrations at the brush cuts! Many other great things to come
in 2016!

CRP is 30! Click
HERE to visit the website!

Lakes State Grouse Partners - MN, WI and MI prairie grouse
partners are working to strengthen their working relationship
with the
North American Grouse Partnership.  See their new web
page under progress at
Lakes States Grouse Collaborators.