The following are links and/or information regarding sharptails for landowners.
NRCS - Top 10 Tips for Sharptail Managment:  Top ten STGR hab mtg tips_ statewide_April 2015

Minnesota DNR Wildlife - Private Land Habitat:
Habitat Management Guide Sheet from the USDA: NRCS mn stg guide sheet oct 99.pdf
Managing your brushland for wildlife pamphlet from the MN DNR:
Smoke rolling during a controlled burn on
sharptail habitat.
Preparing for a controlled burn.
Officers during a controlled burn.
The following are links and/or information is for grouse enthusiasts.
North American Grouse Partnership:
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Below are some of the blinds put out around MN for the public to enjoy. Contact names and/or numbers are listed.
Please call after March 1st to book a spot in the blind, or to get more information!

Baudette DNR Section of Wildlife - 218-634-1705 ext. 222
Aitkin DNR Section of Wildlife - 218-429-3012

Cloquet DNR Section of Wildlife - 218-878-5662

Here's what people who visit our blinds are saying.....

We could not believe how cool the show was when we were there in '07.  The notes that I got from the DNR were right
on as to time of display and how long they would dance.

"Our day started by arriving on site at 5:30, we kicked up a grouse on our way out to the blinds.  After getting situated,
we patiently waited for the sun to rise.  At 6am somebody hit the switch and the show began!  There must have been
20-30 birds dancing like crazy (they were so hard to count!)  The dance only lasted about 5 minutes and all the birds
quieted down and sat very still.  We thought that was it and they were done, but then my dad says under his breathe,
"there's a bear on the edge of the field."  My brother and I could not see it as the other blinds were in the way.  After a
couple minutes my dad says, "it's not a bear, it's a bobcat!!"  We watched her walk the edge of the field up to the
service road and from there headed out of sight.  Within 15 minutes of the bobcat leaving, the switch went on a again
and the birds danced until 9am.  What a spectacular show, it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen!!"
PF Farm Bill Biologist - For assistance managing sharptail habitat in Aitkin and Carlton Counties, contact Jake Granfors,
Pheasants Forever Farm Bill Biologist located at the Aitkin NRCS office (218-434-0929,  Jake is
the first PF Farm Bill Biologist to have a focus on sharptail management.  Thank you PF and partners!